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The Ndebele Community originated from Kwa-Zulu Nata!, and formed part of the Ndlovu clan as descendants. The Ndebeles broke away and migrated to Pietermaritzburg because of Tribal wars, which took place during the eaily part of the previous centuries.

The migrating community was led by Paramount chief Keke, at his death, his son Bolongo, took over as leader of the Ndebele. Bolongo moved and settled in the Transvaal to the North of Pretoria; today known as Tshwane.

Historical Background of Amandebele a Moletlane.
It is our submission, that the Commission, according to our a foregoing setting-out of ourhistory and prayers, will act and set aside the Injustices perpetrated by re-appointing the Amandebele Tribal authority as stipulated during Govemment Notice dated 29th May 1975 and Notice dated 2lst January 1966 and the re-establishment of Traditional Authorities formed, under apartheid and homeland regimes, to confuse Traditional Lineage in our Country.
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Our Mission
To promote successful self-determination and cultural awareness for our members and our community through better living conditions, education, wellness and hard work
Our Vision
Amandebele a Moletlane and our neighbors will live in a community of opportunity and prosperity, with healthy families, cultural pride and diversity.
Our Values
Integrity and honesty.
Respect of all and self.
Committed and reliable leadership  in all community matters.
Diligence in all community matters.
Maintenance of culture and customs of Amandebele.
The core purpose of the Council
The core purpose of the Council is to sustain common Amandebele a Moletlane culture and customs and create a prosperous community in which all Community Members have the means to prosper, access job opportunities, learn and play in addition to those contained in section 9 of the Act.
A Cosmopolitan self-reliant community where residents have choices in education, employment and economic opportunities while retaining Amandebele a Moletlane's cultural identity and values.
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